WINBEDS Request Management

Enriched Guest Experience through Careful Services Management

The Request Management Module is a pivotal block of WINBEDS, whose features have been curated to make sure that all service requests and complaints raised by the guests are quickly fulfilled and addressed.  This module is designed to provide well-organised management of large sized maintenance teams capable of managing thousands of rooms.

Raising and tracking of requests and complaints made easyns

The WINBEDS Request Management Module allows guests to request for services or raise complaints on work related to house-keeping/ engineering / plumbing and other departments, on the user portal itself.  Periodic updates are provided in order to comfortably track the status of the service request or complaint.

Efficient service/complaint addressing process

The workflow is optimised such that the incoming request is assigned to the appropriate department and attended to swiftly. Also, multiple maintenance groups can be defined along with the availability time of every field staff in order to allocate the service request to a field staff available at work.

Leveraging technology for smooth request management

A dashboard (with installed mobile apps) is provided to the supervisor and field staff for quick management of complaints. On one hand, the supervisor can assign the field staff and keep track of open requests of every field staff. While on the other hand, the field staff is allowed to acknowledge, refuse, hold, or close the complaint.

Reports for a better view

Here is a brief list of reports that the Request Management Module can render:

Live Room Position, Room Status, Guest-wise Status, Vacating Guest Details, Guest Room History, Room Type Share Summary, Room Sale Count Summary, Month-wise Room Position, Room Occupancy Top Sheet.

Management Reports also permit further analysis of complaints raised. Reports such as Top 10 Complaints / Categories / Rooms that raised the most complaints and Month-wise complaint counts by category.

WINBEDS Request Management: Assured Happy Guest Experience
The Request Management Module facilitates faster guest request and complaint addressing