Careful Financial Management

The Finance Module has predominantly been designed to provide the complete financial information to all the student housing management stakeholders involved:

  • Management: information on all the incoming payments across the facilities provided by the housing provider
  • Students: information on all the subscriptions including courses and services, apart from the payment details
  • For staff: information on the subscription of lease

For staff housing management, typically a bed is allocated along with certain utilities which are returnable on check- out. This list includes furniture, lighting equipment, and electrical devices. The finance module is configured to charge a guest for any ancillary services that they have opted for, such as health club, and sports activities. Additionally, the module also helps in keeping track of invoices raised and payment made for unreturned utilities.

Effortless fee management

The module handles fee collection for rooms and facilities apart from issuing receipts and invoices for the fees collected.

Order Item management simplified

Think configurationof order items availability- specific to the student category such as old students or new joiner, as well as specific to the time period such as full semester or half a semester. Also, the fees of the order items can be divided into multiple components. The module also supports the creation of promotional offers and discounts on the order items.

Easy tracking of payments

The Finance Module enables file uploads of bank payments made as well as assigns payments to outstanding orders. Also, processing of refund upon order cancellation and payment reversal are supported. Further, support is provided for Students Wallet Payment mode- through which receipts and order payments can be made.

Invoices generation made less cumbersome

This module supports invoice generation under multiple categories and also facilitates bulk invoice creation for both, paid and outstanding orders. Additionally, the module allows for creating multiple charges for damages and fines, at the block and floor level.

Because the devil is in the details

A drill down to view of transaction details is facilitated for every order, receipt, and invoice- to help you know exactly where every penny has gone.


Reporting is provided for mass viewing of orders, proformas, receipts and invoices. Other reports include filter-based viewing of data based on room-type, share-pattern, gender, freshman, renewals etc. Also, details are provided for staff/student-wise folios which include all transactions performed.

WinBEDS Finance: A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
The Finance Module helps in diligently tracking all the money that enters and leaves the system.