Well Organised Housing Management

Where real-time analysis fuels growth

The administration module is aimed at making staff and student housing management effortless. It encompasses the three key pillars of the system:

  • User profile configuration and management

  • Room administration and management

  • Housing Warden Management

Empowers Housing Managers and Housing Wardens

WINBEDS Administration Module allows the housing management staff to have control over every facet of their building/block. Think block allocation, floor allocation, and room operations such as check-in, check-out, room transfers, and caretaker management.

Room Management made simple

The Administration Module enables easy assignment and management of rooms across multiple buildings with blocks /floors /rooms. Changing of room categories and room-share patterns based on demand and availability is also hassle-free.

Dynamically configurable room creation, allocation, and management

This module allows allocation of gender-specific housing block/floor, and creation of multiple room categories and room-share patterns. For hostels, year-specific hostel/block/room allocation as per UGC or other rules is enabled.

Technology driven Transparency

WINBEDS Administration Module delivers transparency on the foundations of a robust technology stack which integrates room check-ins with order payment.

Reports for a better view

Some of the reports that the Administration Module can render include:

  • Live Room Position
  • Room Status
  • Guest-wise Status
  • Room Type Share Summary
  • Room Sale Count Summary
  • Room Sale Count Summary
  • Month-wise Room Position
  • Room Occupancy Top Sheet
  • Guest Room History
WINBEDS Administration: Streamlined Administration
The Administration Module helps in overall administration of the entire staff and student housing operations.