About Us

Vision :

WINBEDS has the lofty vision of transforming the hospitality technology space in the niche area of staff and student housing by being a comprehensive product tailored to suit the needs of our clients and their customers.

Mission :

WINBEDS is on a mission to use technology as an anchor to ensure supreme operational efficiency and guest comfort in the realm of staff and student housing.

Our History

WINBEDS is the third product from the WINSAR Group, a reputed and recognised company in the hospitality tech space which was established in 2001. WINBEDS has been built by applying two decades worth of experience and insights in this hospitality tech space. WINHMS was the first product of the WINSAR Group. It is one of the leading on-premise hospitality management solutions which seamlessly integrate various software modules to help in the efficient functioning of all the front office operations, back office operations, POS, and material management.

Continuously evolving is one of the pillars of the WINSAR Group and it lead to the creation of WINCLOUD – a cloud based modular property management system. This was followed by the launch of WINBEDs. Both these products are powered by avant garde technology which is robust, flexible, and configurable to the needs of our customers.

Our Ethos


Continuously Evolution:

As an organisation, the WINSAR Group believes in continuously evolving by retrospecting on the knowledge derived from our experience and by using it to improve our products. This fundamental ethos is one of our pillars and helps us stay in tune with the times.


Being reliable is paramount for the success of any relationship and the WINSAR Group values this facet as all our relationships are important to us. Reliability is a founding stone for our growth as an organisation and as a tech provider to our customers.

Value on relationships:

The WINSAR Group is a web of relationships, each of which is long standing, nurtured, and valuable. We place a lot of importance to the relationship that we have as a team and the relationship we have with our clients.  This value is our key to happiness, growth, and customer retention.

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