Student Housing – A New Way Of Living?

Students migrate to different cities and countries to pursue higher education thus creating a need for high quality, hospitality oriented PBSA (Purpose-built Student accommodation).

Find out how WINBEDS provides a hotel-like, guest experience for residents at PBSA campuses with an emphasis on service quality.

addition residents expect complete flexibility when it comes to choosing their
room type, share type, who they share with and the ability to completely
customise their living experience. This extends also to the optional services
available such as Laundry, Wellness, Meals etc. which should be easily
accessible and subscribable as add-ons to their accommodation.

When it comes to
maintenance activities, leaky taps, creaky doors, faulty toilets there is an
expectation to raise these requests and able to track the execution without the
need to speak to anyone.

These requirements are
ever changing and students demand more and more from their PBSA providers.
Thus, it is imperative for providers to be in tune

It also helps considerably
if the technology utilised provides two key features – Mobile First and
Guest Centric.
Most PBSA vendors

So how does Student housing solve these Problems?

The new way of living ensures to provide a better
environment, where experience is better than possession.

Urbanisation rates and urban population rates across Asia pacific is continuing to rise. For, this reason Student housing Operators are focusing on experience and flexibility.

Customise your room as per your comfort

  • Attached Washroom
  • Air-conditioner
  • Study table
  • Cupboard
  • Full-time meals
  • Dining Area
  • Television
  • Community activities
  • Private Gyms
  • Pools
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Gaming rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Libraries
  • Swimming pools
  • Student Lockers
  • Theatre room
  • Computer lab
  • Sports hall
  • On-site Yoga Studios
  • Rooftop terraces

WINBEDS – Empowered Student Housing Management

WINBEDS is a student and staff housing management software that has a bounty of features, curated to deliver an enriched guest experience. WINBEDS is a cutting-edge tech product from the WINSAR Group, an industry leader in the hospitality management technology space for two decades.

How does a property reap benefits using Winbeds?

Mobile-Friendly User Portal: One-Stop shop for all the Ancillary services

  • Manage Bed Selection
  • Room availability
  • Complete Financial Transaction
  • Complaint Management
  • Available in IOS and Android Platforms

Student Request management: An Ideal tool to provide the enriched Student experience

  • Adopt a Positive attitude
  • Reassure the Students
  • Identify the Problem and Cause
  • Escalation Matrix

Administration: Streamlined Housing Management, the propeller of growth

  • Empowers Housing/hostel wardens by enabling control over every facet of the housing.
  • Dynamically configurable room creation, allocation, and management.
  • Transparency through integrated room check-in and order payment
  • Methodical management across multiple locations, staff, guests, and rooms.

Finance: An Investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest

  • Real-time Dashboard and Reports
  • Advanced Financial forecasts
  • Complete Control over Operations
  • Drill down details of extensive Reporting and Auditing